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Make emotional intelligence
your competitive advantage.


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“I spent years working in business, leveraging emotional intelligence into business success. Now I bring EI into the world of athletics to create competitive advantage. I teach coaches and their teams emotional self control to win on the field of play and throughout their lives.”

I began working with head coaches and their teams over five years ago. I was drawn to athletics by my love of sports. I learned a head coach’s challenge is running an organization as complex as any CEO’s as well as winning games. Success is more than X’s and O’s.

Everything begins with the science – specifically the neuroscience of emotions. When you understand how emotions occur physically, you can learn how to control them.

I teach emotional intelligence: the behaviors and science of emotional self control. I help coaches lead high performance organizations where athletes learn to control their emotions and be more effective in game situations.

I began as an executive coach working for IBM where I had the opportunity to learn emotional intelligence from the ones who established the field: professors, social scientists and neuroscientists who specialize in improving performance. I helped executives create more success in their organizations. It has been a natural step to apply that knowledge to athletics.

My path to get here may not be the same as sports psychologists or former athletes, but I bring a skill for practical application of good science in organizations like yours. In the past 5 years, I’ve worked in a variety of team sports - softball, baseball and volleyball as well as individual sports - golf, swimming and tennis.

Consider this before you decide -

There is one piece of advice I would offer, no matter whom you choose to hire. Engage someone who knows what they are doing. Emotional intelligence is a trendy term and everyone wants to get on the bandwagon. If anyone tells you that a handful of techniques like taking deep breaths or going through some routine will create an emotionally intelligent athlete or organization, be skeptical.

Emotional self-control happens over time, not overnight. The foundation is self-awareness combined with an understanding of the physical response of emotions. We build on that to create self-management and self-control. Emotional Intelligence is a practice that results in a competitive advantage.

Success begins at the top – with you. How you deal with situations sets the tone for your organization. The difference between controlling emotions and emotions controlling you is the difference between success and mediocrity. Your team’s emotional intelligence begins with you and will flow through your organization. If you are curious about how it all works together, let’s talk.

Why me? Here are my credentials -

  • Five years working with high school and college athletic directors, coaches and athletes
  • Nearly 30 years with IBM as a leader and executive coach
  • Certified in EI by the Hay Group (the firm partnered with Dr. Daniel Goleman)
  • Trained neuroscience coach
  • Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Co-Active Coach -The Coaches Training Institute
  • Executive Coach - Teleos Executive Coach Development
  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Texas Christian University