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Make emotional intelligence
your competitive advantage.

Begin by learning the science and behaviors of emotional intelligence. Then choose the best practices to bring to your team. Sara’s experience and coaching will help speed the integration of winning behaviors. We help you choose the level of training that is right for you. We have basic offerings to teach emotional intelligence throughout your organization. If you like the theory and want faster results, continue with the advance offerings designed to integrate changes throughout your team.

Basic: Learn emotional intelligence

For COACHES: Learn the basics of emotional intelligence – the science, practical applications and how EI works in organizations. Learn about yourself so you understand what is required to model and teach self-awareness and self-management.

For YOUR TEAM : Help them understand the impact of emotional intelligence through understanding the brain science. Learn how to practice the skills of EI — just as they would practice an athletic skill. Find out how they can make emotional intelligence their competitive advantage.

Advanced: Integrate emotional intelligence

For the HEAD COACH: Meet with your EI coach twice a month to integrate the breadth of emotional intelligence into your coaching as you transform the culture of your sports team.

For the COACHING STAFF: Work with your EI coach twice a month as a group to strategize, diagnose problems and improve emotional intelligence through Group Coaching.

For PLAYERS: Schedule one on one EI coaching sessions for key team members. We can typically pinpoint emotional hijacks and create effective strategies for change. Young athletes are motivated to improve so it doesn’t take long for the “ah-ha’s” to occur. These coaching sessions create language that will allow you to continue to help your player grow in awareness or get unstuck when old habits try to re-emerge.


We are learning more about emotional intelligence every day. That knowledge, applied in the right way, differentiates the best from the rest. From emerging neuroscience, we understand how and why emotions are triggered and how to practice self management. Think of it - this is your opportunity to create a competitive advantage for your team. When you minimize the negative impact of emotions, you will increase the success of your team internally and with clients.