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Emotional Intelligence is a competitive advantage.
Lots of people talk about it. Not many know how it actually works.
Get the inside track for your team.

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The competitive edge begins with you. Your words and actions design your team’s attitude and culture. Your impact can be the difference between a team that works as a unit and a group that simply plays together.

In business organizations or athletic teams, the key to success is to have powerful, managed emotions — game intensity that you can control.

Coach to Coach is designed to be your playbook for success. You’ll find lessons in emotional intelligence, communications, accountability and more. After each lesson there are practice drills for you to make the skills your own.

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Basic: Learn emotional intelligence

For COACHES: Learn the basics of emotional intelligence – the science, practical applications and how EI works in organizations. Learn about yourself so you understand what is required to model and teach self-awareness and self-management.

For YOUR TEAM : Help them understand the impact of emotional intelligence through understanding the brain science. Learn how to practice the skills of EI — just as they would practice an athletic skill. Find out how they can make emotional intelligence their competitive advantage.

Advanced: Integrate emotional intelligence

For the HEAD COACH: Meet with your EI coach twice a month to integrate the breadth of emotional intelligence into your coaching as you transform the culture of your sports team.

For the COACHING STAFF: Work with your EI coach twice a month as a group to strategize, diagnose problems and improve emotional intelligence through Group Coaching.

For PLAYERS: Schedule one on one EI coaching sessions for key team members. We can typically pinpoint emotional hijacks and create effective strategies for change. Young athletes are motivated to improve so it doesn’t take long for the “ah-ha’s” to occur. These coaching sessions create language that will allow you to continue to help your player grow in awareness or get unstuck when old habits try to re-emerge.


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“This book is really on the mark. It teaches emotional intelligence in a way that will work for coaches in any sport. Sara offers practical tools for coaches to help their players develop as people and at the same time become better athletes. Coach to Coach is awesome and extremely valuable.”

Chrissy Carew, Hall of Fame Master Certified Coach
Founder and Head Coach, Insightful Player, LLC
Approved partner of the NFL Players Association